Ball Standard Handrail

Ball standard type

Using “ball standards” gives a cost effective, yet custom appearance to an installation. Either tubular or solid upright posts are fabricated with balls welded in to them at the points where the handrails run horizontally. A variety of ball diameters are available, to suit the size of handrail tube used, and the horizontal handrail passes through them before being fixed in place with a grub screw. The posts can be secured to a structure with baseplate or sideplate fixings, or they can be cast into concrete foundations.

The custom nature of Ball Standard Handrail means that at locations where the handrail is “raked” , such as at stairways or ramps, then the posts have to be specifically fabricated with the balls set at the site specific angle. This is no problem at all provided that accurate informaton is available prioir to manufacture. Architects drawings often supply the required information for us to to work out angles, but experience tells us that what is drawn is not always what is built so it’s worthwhile double checking. Cenpart can offer a survey and drawing service to ensure that materials fit right first time.

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