Installing crash barriers is a very good idea if you want to improve safety for pedestrians and people in vehicles. One single design won’t work for every situation however. That is why our team provides various types of barrier. This includes our selection of Armco barriers as well as open box beams and more.

When they design a car park, facility, or large campus, safety is the responsibility of the site planner. Top quality traffic control is essential, from circulation to signage. To ensure you choose effective controls, it is important to be aware of the hazards.


Fortunately, the majority of facilities have slower speeds than ones on highways and public roads. This lowers the risk. However, even at slow speed an accident can be fatal

Road sharing

In these settings drivers have a greater chance of sharing the road with pedestrians. They could cross through the site erratically. There may also be children around.

Traffic control

Whatever the site, they can follow the example of public roadways and introduce traffic control devices. This could help to address the hazards and improve safety. There are lots of potential products to use, including barriers and channelisers, signals and signs. They are useful in an array of settings.

Jersey barriers and bollards are really good for garages. Flexible bollards come in handy as parking stops inside back-in stalls. They work as stop and positioning guides. Moreover, they are useful as lane markers on those circular ramps that demand some flexibility for big trucks. These often take up more than a single lane. As for security and crash bollards, they can help to stop pedal error.

If you do choose a barrier system you can use it to guide and direct drivers. It can provide a tactile or visual indicator of where to go. At the same time, the barriers are a physical obstacle to stop vehicles from continuing where they shouldn’t. This can keep them away from pedestrians and buildings.

Let us design bespoke crash barriers for you

At Cenpart, we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high calibre vehicle safety products. We are happy to offer stock and bespoke designs, ensuring we can cater for almost any need. In addition to manufacturing, we also excel at installation.

So, if there is something we can assist you with, please get in touch. Clients in various industries rely on our crash barriers and other products. That shows just how good we are at helping them to maximise safety.