Armco Barrier Corners

Armco Barrier Corners and Drop Downs for Ramps

Fabricated Flexible External

Fabricated Flexible Internal

Pressed Flexible External

Pressed Flexible Internal

Mitred Solid External

Mitred Solid Internal

Internal and external changes of direction

Armco Barrier Corners and changes of direction are easily managed with Cenpart’s Flexible Corners. Available as Internal (corner inside a building) or External (corner outside a building), they are 90 degrees as standard but easily bent on site to suit any angle. They are a major improvement in convenience and safety over the traditional mitred corner piece as they present a rounded corner rather than a sharp one. Mitred Armco Barrier Corners, fabricated to any angle. are still available if you need to match existing.

EXTERNAL Corners – are those that would be used around the corners on the outside of a square building

INTERNAL Corners – are those that would be used in the corners on the inside of a square building

Drop Offs

Similarly we can make short cranked sections that allow for the change from a straight and level run to the start of a ramp. A continuous slope can be done with straight beams but if you  to let us know the angle of your slope we will make a special to start the fall down.

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