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Protecting loading areas

It is easy to spot safety and crash barriers on motorways. The thing is that the characteristics of these barrier systems differ from those for keeping structures and people safe in locales like factories, service yards, and car parks. Fortunately, we have a solution...

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Stronger barriers for heavier vehicles

We began our trading journey back in 2000. Our team set out to supply customers with the very best motorway barriers they could find. As you probably know, the purpose of these products is to keep road users safe. When you are out on a drive and know quality barrier...

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Stay protected with Armco barriers

At Cenpart we specialise in barrier safety, specifically Armco barriers. These are an excellent product that offers highly effective protection. You can then keep pedestrians, equipment, buildings, and machinery safe. Whether people intend it to or not, a moving...

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Your loading bay could do with barriers

From our very first days as a business our goal has been to keep our customers safe. We do this by providing first-rate motorway barriers and other products. These days, we are a leading manufacturer and have lots of happy customers. Whatever the case, we can...

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Don’t forget about barrier end sections

Barrier safety is vital in various scenarios where you want to provide protection. This can be for workers, pedestrians, machinery, equipment, buildings, and stock. You can often find barriers set up on work sites, car parks, warehouses, and also in front of shops....

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Why businesses need barriers systems and gates

Security is a huge priority for businesses. However, many forget about the physical kind and focus on digital. What you need to understand is that protecting the building is crucial if you want to keep your business assets and reputation safe. A solution that is easy...

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