Armco Barrier Ends

Armco Barrier Ends and Terminals

The Ramped Down type terminal that you see on Highways are generally unnecessary for barriers installed in offroad applications. Because of the different dynamics of impact, Highways systems generally use weaker posts designed to knock down and rely on firmly anchored distant points at each end. Whilst Offroad Barriers are designed to be strong enough between posts to resist impact and do not usually require anchoring at the ends.

Our range of Terminal Ends are all available powder coated in High Visibility Yellow.

1. Fishtail end

Sometimes refered to as Terminal Type A, this is the cheapest and most common End Terminal.

2. Pedestrian friendly scroll end

Designed to be without sharp edges to catch clothing or cause injury, they are ideal for use where a

barrier breaks at a doorway or other pedestrian traffic location.

3. Yellow plastic end caps

A soft plastic, high visibility yellow cap, which matches the barrier profile and simply slides on the end to be held in place with the final post bolt.

4. Bullnose end

Used to terminate double sided runs ie one set of posts with barrier either side.

5. Reflective rubber end caps

A tough rubber end cap which gives high visibility due to the inserted reflectors.

They are designed to be allowed to but up together to form a tough corner

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