We mostly use barrier safety products to keep our roads safe. However, they also prove to be very useful in other kinds of environments. This can include warehouses, car parks, and many other commercial and industrial facilities. The properties of these barriers may need to be different to suit these areas. Fortunately, our products tick all the right boxes so they keep spaces secure.

Safety managers and employers are always seeking out new ways of augmenting workplace safety. They are attempting to avoid injuries, costs, and also the downtime that comes from accidents. This is why they want to maximise safety performance. The right barriers can be really helpful here.

A collection of gates and barriers that you bolt separately can make a major difference to workplace safety. Introducing barrier segments will enhance how they protect equipment, machinery, and pedestrians.

Reducing damage

One of the advantages to using these types of barriers and gates is less damage. This is to your equipment and property. When you bolt these products to the ground separately, there is not as much harm to barriers when there is an impact. It is the same for structures and forklifts. Since you bolt them separately, the other parts may be safe from the impact.

Less danger to pedestrians

There is also less risk to pedestrians nearby. This is just as long as the damage does not extend past the part of the barrier that is struck. It would not be like this with a continuous barrier. An accident here could move the whole length, meaning people further along it could be hurt.

Lower replacement costs

Furthermore, the costs to replace the barrier will be lower. With a continuous one you may need to replace the whole thing if there is an accident. However, if they are bolted separately you will likely only need a single section. This is far more cost effective.

Your one stop shop for barrier safety products

At Cenpart, we help clients with the manufacture, supply, and installation of their barriers. We hot dip galvanise our mild steel products to BS EN 1461. The stainless steel products come in grade 304 for interior use and 316 for exterior use.

So, if you are looking for barrier safety solutions, contact our team. We can help you to choose the right systems, and even design bespoke ones if standard sections will not work for you.