Highways England works hard to improve safety on the road network, including on busy motorways and smaller roads. One way they do this is by carefully using motorways barriers. They can prevent vehicles from leaving the road and encountering hazards like big drops. In addition, they can stop collisions with oncoming traffic by separating vehicles travelling in opposing directions.

A big issue

One of the biggest concerns on main roads is drivers entering work areas. This happens shockingly often, nearly 300 times every week. Each mistaken entry into a work area can put the workers and the inhabitants of the vehicle at risk. An accident could be fatal.

The issue is it can be hard to effectively restrict people from entering work areas. In many cases cones or temporary motorway barriers try to do this. However, some drivers may fail to see them. They could also drive around them or through if they are not paying attention. Sadly it is generally not possible to install a more durable barrier as that would also prevent workers from accessing the work area.

A new innovation

This month Highways England and Kier are trialling the use of a new barrier that they hope will improve this situation. It is an airbag that can inflate in less than ten minutes. That means it would be very quick and easy to set up before a job begins. More importantly, it is bright and large, so it is much easier to see than a cone or low beam barrier.

The airbag will initially have a trial on a weekend closure of a junction and slip road. Then there are plans to use it in many other scenarios, including various types of traffic management. The aim is to see if it can reduce the number of issues and improve safety.

Talk to us about motorway barriers

Cenpart knows how challenging it can be to maximise safety, especially when it comes to vehicles. Our goal is to help clients to do that on various sites. To do it we offer a range of quality products, including barriers, corner guards, railings, and more.

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