Cenpart began trading with a very specific ideal in mind. Our goal was to provide specialist vehicle protection products for use in many different settings. This includes Armco barriers as well as handrails and corner guards. What makes these creations special is that we can adapt them to suit various needs. In addition, we ensure they are great quality.

Car parks can be very dangerous locations when they lack the right kind of barriers. There is heavy movement here from both pedestrians and vehicles. It is not uncommon to see bright car paint smears on car park barriers, columns, and walls. The reason why is that vehicles have to manoeuvre into tight, small spaces. By nature, the sites are typically dimly lit and dark.

Reduce the risk of damage and injury

The thing that aids you in stopping serious damage from happening here would be barrier installation. They mark the spots that separate where motors and pedestrians can travel. Moreover, they can safeguard the actual structure. Colliding with support columns is a potentially troublesome situation. However, if there is a barrier in place, the collision won’t cause as much harm.

Shopping centre car parks in particular tend to be where the worst collisions happen. Typically, they are dark and underground. The amount of people arriving and leaving is considerable too. This means an accident is more likely.

Now, car owners do have to take care. At the same time though, the car park managers hold responsibility for pedestrian safety. They must install the correct safety measures to reduce the risks. It is possible to accomplish this by doing a risk assessment first. Pinpoint blind spots where pedestrian/vehicle collisions can happen. In addition, it is important to manage things. So, be on the lookout for wear and tear. Plus, see if you need to do any upgrades or repairs.

Ordering Armco barriers and more

Cenpart are specialist manufacturers of safety products. Our goods can offer their users proven protection for people and structures from moving vehicles. In addition, we have fencing solutions. They can supply edge protection from voids and falling ground.

If you would like to know more about our Armco barriers or any other product, feel free to contact us. You can even ask us to make bespoke ones for you.