Open Box Beam Barrier Corners

Open Box Beam Barrier – Corners and Drop Downs of Levels

Open Box Beam Barrier Corner

Internal and External Corners and Angles

Open Box Beam Barrier is such a rigid form of barrier that there is no way of dealing with corners, changes of direction or pronounced drop downs from level ground to sloping ground other than specially fabricated parts.

Fabricated 90 degree mitred corners for open box beam barriers, for both internal and external corners, are available from stock.

Other angles can be fabricated to order to suit your site dimensions.

Changes of level

There is no trouble when installing Open Box Beam Barrier to sloping ground, but you may encounter a problem at the where the ground changes from level, or gently sloping, to a pronounced fall in level, such as the start of a ramp. The only way to accommodate this is with a specially fabricated drop off piece made to suit the changes in level.

At times this situation is also combined with a change of direction and a compound mitred section is required to meet the changes of angle in two directions. Cenpart can manufacture sections to suit these situations.

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