Column Protectors

Column Protectors for all applications

Structural columns, Lamp standards and sign posts are all vulnerable to being hit by moving vehicles and need protection.

Some of the most exposed points of buildings are vertical structural columns. Whether they are the stilts that a support the upper building in a low level car park susceptible to careless car drivers or roof supports or racking legs in a in a large warehouse building facing forklift trucks, the chances are that they will be impacted at some point.

Single, stand alone structures such as Lamp standards and sign posts, across the World, are struck on a regular basis. Even the solitary sign post in a vast car park will attract someone to reverse into it.

The repair bills can be expensive and with structural building columns cause serious problems. It is then sensible to take precautions and add column protectors to preserve the integrity of your structures.

Cenpart are able to offer a variety of solutions to the problem with our Armco column protectors and also our range of PolyWrap products, all of which are designed to protect your structural elements from careless driving of both cars and forklifts.

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