We don’t just sell Armco crash barriers: we have a wide range of barrier systems and general access and traffic control systems available for sale as well. These systems are designed to protect you and your property from damage. Our products have been designed and crafted with safety in mind, and we offer three distinct systems for your benefit.

There are a number of products that we can offer which allow for the control of traffic and the prevention of intruders. Our foremost products in controlling traffic, particularly in an industrial environment, are our wheel guides. Wheel guides are essential for protecting the fabric of your building. They ensure that the wheels of any vehicle line up with any door required, such as those leading into loading bays. Potted or bolted down and made from metal, you don’t have to worry about them moving when a vehicle drives against them. They will remain in place, guiding the wheels of the vehicle where they need to be.

We also design and sell height restrictors, designed to prevent vehicles of a certain height from passing through an entryway. They can restrict access by unauthorised vehicles to car parks, warehouses and many other places where vehicles over a certain height may cause disruption. We sell different variations of these: a soft impact restrictor will bounce off of a vehicle, notifying the vehicle that they are not allowed to be in the area. A solid fixed restrictor will generally cause damage to any intruding vehicle and provides a much more direct method of deterring any potential intruders. There are also two types of swing opening: single leaf or double leaf. In order to provide a much more comprehensive means of preventing access, we also have swing arm barriers for sale. These lockable barriers, available in single or double arm systems, have multiple designs available, meaning that they can be tailor-made for you and your needs. A high security model is also available for those who require something a lot more heavy duty for their needs.

Our systems ensure that you and your property against intruders and provide a comprehensive means of keeping vehicles out. Our wheel guides also control traffic in a way to ensure that no errant vehicles will cause damage to you or your property. All of our crash barriers and other products are designed to the highest possible quality.