It is common practice for people to use crash barriers to reduce the severity of vehicle crashes. You will find them all over the motorways. However, there are specialist barriers for other environments too. We are a company that provides them at reasonable prices. You are free to use our merchandise in locations like warehouses, service yards, and factories.

One form of barrier protection is the bollard, with the bolt down variety being one of multiple designs. There are several situations that might require the use of bollards. For example, you may need to protect your equipment or stop people committing criminal acts.

With bollards, they normally come in two variations. These are bolt down and dig in. The latter can handle a greater amount of impact. You dig them into the ground. Despite this, the bolt downs are still a viable option for protecting certain locales. The installation is easier too since you are only using bolts.

Where do you use the bollards?

You typically use bolt down bollards in warehouses and factories to safeguard shelving. Alternatively, they can function as visual and physical guides. You can install them swiftly too, so they are a good option if you need fast protection.

When you use them efficiently, they can protect inventory, wall edges, and equipment. This occurs because they stop vehicles from bumping into them. It is helpful as vehicles and forklifts can veer off course slightly. A bollard will catch the vehicle and divert it back to safety.

Bollards go beyond protecting the property as well. You can also expect them to stop people getting injured.


Something you can do with bollards is finish them. With the right finish, they are capable of enduring the conditions, even if they are wet or cold. The finishing means that the environment will not compromise their effectiveness.

A one-stop shop for crash barriers

At Cenpart, we go to great lengths to ensure our barriers are suitable for non-motorway applications. The collisions that take place here will likely involve low speed vehicles. Therefore, you won’t want the barrier to deflect since there is not as much space. The design must take this into account.

If you want to talk to us about any kinds of crash barriers or bollards, please get in touch. We have a great reputation because we support clients in all kinds of industries.