You might be one of the many people who believe that Armco barriers are only helpful when they are near or on roads. However, these products can be fantastic in a number of environments. They can offer great protection and increase security. This could be for the purpose of protecting a property, securing a business, or keeping people safe. In this article we will go over some uses of the barriers you might find beneficial for your situation.


If you have a property that is close to a busy road, you are likely to worry about the possibility of a car crashing into the building. Should this happen, there is a chance the structure will suffer a lot of damage. On top of this, anyone on the site, whether this is employees or customers, could become seriously hurt. When you have Armco products in place however, this isn’t something you will have to worry about. The barrier will take the force of the crash instead and help to redirect the vehicle. As a result, it will keep people and your building safe.

In & Around Car Parks

Barriers can supply security and improve safety if you have a car park. You can use them to keep people safe as they walk to and from their cars by laying out a designated walking space. This way, they won’t go in front of vehicles and drivers won’t have to worry about hitting anyone walking through.

Hospital Bays

This is somewhere that is often full of both emergency vehicles and pedestrians. With the help of a barrier system, you can help keep walkways clear and keep everyone safe from a possible collision.

External & Internal Loading Bays

Both of these areas see a lot of heavy-duty vehicles and people moving around on a regular basis. Critically, they will be fairly close to one another. As with any setting, but especially so with a fast-paced environment, it is crucial to keep everyone safe. You have to make sure that nobody is going to fall off the edge of a bay while also preventing collisions from occurring. This is something barriers can help with. With highly visible Armco, you will not have to worry as people will be able to see them well which avoids accidents.

Using Armco Barriers

As you can see, there are plenty of places where these barriers can play a valuable role. Of course though, you need to make sure that the barrier system you get installed is one that is perfect for you and your needs. This is where Cenpart comes in as we are experts who can work with you to help make sure you get the right products.

Contact our team now and we will be able to speak to you about Armco barriers. We can explain our work in more detail and help you to choose the right products.