Motorway barriers exist to reduce the severity of car crashes. In order to do their job properly, they must have a good design. Our company has been specialising in this field for many years. We have some of the best barrier products in our inventory. In addition, we supply a host of other items for specific areas. This includes column and corner guards.

Motorways are among the safest UK roads to drive on. They carry a fair amount of traffic but don’t account for that many incidents. However, accidents do happen due to the high speeds people travel at. They can be serious too. This is why there are motorway barriers to help lower the seriousness of a crash.

Regardless of your experience, driving on a motorway can be intimidating. They come with their own distinct characteristics and rules. As a result, you must act in different ways. If you are not overly confident yourself, we have some advice that you might find useful.

Lane usage

It is very important to know about proper lane usage. Being careless can make other drivers mad. In addition, it can result in unnecessary congestion. The number one rule is to remain on the left. You should only go right when your travel speed exceeds that of the vehicles in front. You will need sufficient space to move too. Once you overtake, move back to the left.

Joining and exiting

You also need to know how to correctly join and exit the motorway. When joining, drivers accelerate onto the slip road to mirror the speed of the other drivers. Turn your right indicator on to tell everyone you intend to move into lane one. When there is a suitable gap, move over.

As for exiting, you will see signs one and a half miles before every exit. This leaves you with sufficient time to move into the left lane. Leaving it too late can result in serious incidents so don’t dawdle.

Ordering motorway barriers

At Cenpart, our barriers keep cars and their drivers as safe as possible in various settings. As well as motorways, they are useful for access roads, car parks, multi-storeys, and more. As well as these models, we supply handrails, posts, bollards, gates, and much more.

If you would like to purchase motorway barriers or other safety products, please give us a call. We can help you to decide what you need and also offer installation.