When thinking about the security measures on your property, the things that usually come to mind first are items like CCTV and alarm systems. However, you do not only need to protect your premises from external risks, but internal ones too. In industrial applications it’s important to take all precautionary measures to protect your property from the inside, especially if your daily activities involve vehicles such as loading trucks or forklifts. Accidents always have the potential to arise.

Columns are often seen in industrial areas to act as a structural element and are vital in many settings including car parks and warehouses. Columns can be vulnerable to collisions, and need to be highly protected against damage. A broken column can place a property at extreme risk and compromise the building’s structural integrity. For this reason it’s very important to make sure that all protective measures are implemented into your property.

We are armed with a range of products to suit every requirement, and we can provide complete protection for columns. As suppliers of the world renowned Armco barriers, which help to provide protection against vehicles, we can ensure safety at your premises whether you are at risk from reversing cars or slow-moving forklifts. All of our products are made from high grade materials to make sure that they’re durable and provide lasting protection. We can also supply barriers in a variety of styles and materials to suit your design needs as well as protection.

We have been in operation since 2000 and provide comprehensive barrier safety solutions for a variety of industries and sectors. Whether you require durable motorway barriers, column protection or access control barriers, we can provide everything you need for optimum results. All of our Armco barriers and other products are available in many different shapes and configurations, and all items are priced competitively so that anyone can experience their benefits regardless of budget or setting.