We are a leading UK manufacturer excelling in barrier safety. Our team manufactures, supplies, and installs the best products for a diverse array of clients. This does not just include the standard models however. In addition, we can offer plenty of bespoke options for those with particular specifications.

A physical barrier

There are all sorts of ways you can aid facility employees in staying safe. Many of these possibilities are good in their own right. However, the ideal approach in many instances would be to physically stop them from accessing the hazardous area. We call this practice barrier safety. What we do here is erect physical barriers that stop vehicles and individuals.

Something you need to remember about these barriers though is that they come with their own set of risks. When contemplating any form of this solution, you must go over these risks. Check to see if they are actually present. If they are, then you will have to take the right steps to dispose of them.

Blocking exits

One of the most obvious risks is the barriers blocking exits. The last thing you want to do is put a barrier up that makes it difficult to exit the property. This is particularly important for emergency exits. Keep in mind that people need to be able to move quickly and without obstacles if there is an issue like a fire. If you do need to put barriers close to an exit, ensure that everyone can get out easily.

Blocking safety signs

Another risk would be the barriers blocking safety signs. Your barriers cannot block or restrict the visibility of these signs. To give an example, you could be putting a fence up. If you are, see to it that emergency signs on both sides remain visible. You may need to reposition them or put up extra signs.

The best resource for barrier safety measures

At Cenpart, we manufacture our merchandise in ways that allow it to meet the relevant British Standards. This includes BS 6399 pt. 1 and BS 6180:2011. In addition, we hot dip galvanise our mild steel products to BS EN 1461. This gives them excellent corrosion resistance.

If you want to learn more about the work that we do here, be sure to contact us. We can discuss barrier safety and then help you select the right products. From there you can expect fast manufacturing, quick installation, and ongoing support.