The goal of our business is to offer crash barriers that people can use outside of motorway applications. What we do is take a similar style of beam and then pair it with end terminals and Armco posts. The result is barrier systems that can keep people, buildings, stock and vehicles safe on commercial and industrial sites.

Construction is one of the biggest industries in the whole world. You are going to see some form of it happening no matter where you travel to. Maybe you are an individual who works in this industry. If you are, it is likely you are aware of the vital reasons to install safety barriers on the sites. Proper installation is essential here though. To ensure that you get things right, we are going to offer you some of our top tips.

Durability and strength

The first tip is to check the durability and strength of the barriers. It is ideal to do this well in advance. You might need to employ a fair amount of heavy equipment and vehicles on the site. Strength and durability are even more important in these cases. Ignorance and carelessness here can result in many expensive accidents and damages. If you have doubts, we advise you to consult one of the experts on our team. We can tell you all about the durability and strength of our merchandise.

Easy installation

You should favour barriers that are not hard to install too. Doing this is going to save you a great degree of effort and time. It will also reduce the amount of delays when you need to make changes to the site.

The construction site could be prone to accidents. If it is, then prioritise solid barriers over the softer ones. By following this simple albeit useful tip, you can avoid unfortunate problems later on.

A wide range of crash barriers

At Cenpart, we have standard and bespoke crash barriers available to meet every requirement. In addition, we can supply you with balustrades, handrails, and bollards. So, whatever you need to make the site safe, you can rely on us.

If you would like to know more about us, feel free to get in touch. You can also speak to us if you have very specific requirements on your site.