Workplace accidents can have serious consequences and detrimental effects on your business. Temporary closures and worker absences can impact revenue and have a detrimental effect on your professional reputation, so if your employees have to work at extreme heights, it is essential that they have reliable ladder systems to minimise the risk of falls. We manufacture exclusive AXESS ladder systems that allow you to remain fully compliant with health and safety standards and protect your employees as they work.

A traditional ladder is unsuitable for most industrial environments as it does not offer sufficient stability. Your ladder systems need to be able to hold the weight of your workers without the possibility of being knocked over by on site moving vehicles. This is just what our ladders offer.

Our systems are built to offer maximum protection and strength. Instead of a stand-alone structure, our ladders consist of several components that are assembled to provide comprehensive stability.

The versatility of our products means that they can be set up in any environment regardless of size and location. We do not need to carry out site visits, which ensures a convenient and dependable service. This saves you the time and cost of surveys and you can be confident that we will deliver a system to meet your every requirement, no matter what you need.

We keep necessary parts in stock at all times and will always get your order to you as swiftly as possible. All we need from you is the details and measurements, and we will quickly put your ladder system together for you. Our ladders are delivered in flat pack form and can easily be assembled, and our use of interchangeable parts gives you full flexibility.

If there are any problems with your systems we will do all we can to help including issuing you with replacement components to ensure minimal inconvenience. As an established name in security and protection we can offer a wide range of solutions including column protection, access control, handrails and Armco crash barriers.