We set our company up nearly two decades ago and our goal today is the same one we had back then. The team we have dedicates itself to being a specialist source of Armco barriers. These are able to offer protection in many environments, not just on motorways.

Armco can provide maximum protection for expensive machinery, buildings, and pedestrians. The barriers safeguard against the impacts of out of control vehicles. Once you install a barrier, you can rest easy knowing that no moving vehicle can pass it.

You’re free to use these crash barriers in several situations. One real world application would be a workplace car park. Within a working setting, people typically move close to vehicles in motion. This is so they can reach buildings from the car park. However, you can avoid this by introducing Armco barrier solutions.

The main causes of accidents

The UK Health and Safety Executive states that more than 5,000 accidents involving transportation in the workplace take place each year. Inside private car parks, the primary cause of injury is being struck by vehicles. People also fall off vehicles like motorbikes.

You can prevent accidents in these workplace car parks however. One of the best things you can do is install barriers. They will keep parked cars and pedestrians away from moving vehicles. It is vital they are in the right locations and are visible to everybody.

Assess the risk

Before you do anything you should perform a risk assessment. This will let you figure out how many barriers you’ll need on your property as well as things like how to make sure people are safe around them. You should even look at what kind of maintenance you will need to do on the Armco barriers.

At Cenpart, we designed our barrier systems so that they can prevent injuries and costly damages. They supply edge protection from voids and falling ground. Any client in the commercial and industrial sectors will find them invaluable.

If you would like to know more about our barriers, please get in touch.