When you think of Armco barriers, the objects that keep drivers and crowds safe at a racetrack will likely come to mind. Their use extends beyond these environments however. Nowadays, we supply them to individuals who want to remain safe both outside and inside. With one in place, you can prevent injuries and damages that would be worth thousands of pounds.

Formula 1 racing is among the most dangerous sports in the world. The cars in play consistently attain speeds that reach 230mph. These drivers are moving at roughly 101 metres per second. In these events, each moment counts. Furthermore, the drivers’ reactions must be rapid in order to respond to their environment and the wide array of hazards. With all of this in mind, you can understand why safety is essential.

What do Armco barriers protect?

The great thing about these barriers is they can provide effective protection for drivers and the spectators. They even protect landmarks and pieces of infrastructure around the track. With a barrier, a vehicle that is out of control cannot continue on its current path. Instead it will hit the barrier and hopefully redirect safely.

Due to the success of these barriers at racetracks, they found their way to the country’s motorways to protect against collisions here. They are also useful in car parks, warehouses, ports, and more settings.

Spreading energy

A big benefit with these barriers is they spread the energy of an impact safely. This adds to the fact that F1 cars crumple on impact to minimise driver injuries.

Drivers benefit from the barrier’s design and drive as near as they possibly can to them. This way, they are free to reach the highest possible speed on the track. Should their vehicle connect with the barrier, it will be directed along its line. This ensures it won’t turn or flip.

At Cenpart, we provide ends and terminals in addition to the actual Armco barriers. The terminal ends we have are available in powder coated High Visibility Yellow. This makes them perfect for use in low-visibility settings.

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