Since the year 2000, we have been operating as the UK’s first choice for security and protection products. As a manufacturer, engineer, designer and supplier of our own products, we are a one stop shop for those who are looking to improve their company’s security or increase safety in a specific location. We offer secure access control systems, motorway barriers, handrails, bollards, and much more.

Among our most popular products are renowned Armco crash barriers. For many years they were used primarily around racetracks to absorb the energy if a crash did occur, securing the safety of both the crowd and drivers. This is how the corrugated steel crash barrier “Armco” became the country’s generic and household name.

Today, the use for Armco barriers stems further than simply just on a racetrack and they can be seen in a variety of applications both indoors and out. They are extremely useful in settings such as loading bays, car parks and warehouses where it’s important to protect people and buildings from potential collisions. Correctly placed Armco barriers can potentially save thousands of pounds in damage and repairs, as well as improving safety for your employees and the public.

We are able to provide you with everything you need to improve the security at your property and protect against costly damage in the future. Our barrier systems come in a variety of different sizes to match your individual needs. They are available in single or multi-row formats that can either be cast in or bolted down.

It’s vital that you take the necessary steps to protect your business and employees if you work in a setting where vehicles are often present. Armco barriers can do just that, delivering a cost-effective solution every time.