Armco barriers are the style of barrier you would typically see around racetracks. They are in place to safeguard both the crowd and the drivers. However, they are useful in many other settings too. Nowadays, you can spot them in a wide variety of interior and exterior locations. We make it our mission to provide high quality Armco for clients across the UK.

Using forklifts can be dangerous

As we said, these barriers now have a huge number of applications. One of them happens to be forklift protection. It is possible for forklifts to collide with equipment, shelving, and workers in a warehouse. This can result in a host of issues. Examples include a loss of stock and considerable repair costs. Another outcome could be legal action because of employee injury.

Due to the risks and potential issues, you should install forklift protection. This includes Armco barriers that clearly designate spaces where the vehicles can go. By doing so, you are proving that you have done what you can to maximise safety.

Peace of mind with Armco barriers

Armco barriers offer forklift protection that can endure impacts from heavy vehicles. A barrier system can be very durable because of the strong rails and posts. The installation can ensure it is sturdy and able to stop a forklift. Galvanised steel barriers are a great choice to defend wall structures, picking and racking isles. They are strong and also offer higher corrosion resistance.

You may not currently have Armco barriers in your premises. If so, then now might be a good time to invest in them. You can choose a bespoke system that will work for you and we will handle everything.

At Cenpart, we specialise in the manufacture of these barrier products. Our solutions have proven themselves repeatedly as being an effective way of keeping damage to a minimum. This is especially true in terms of forklifts. If you want to learn more, please let us know.