Armco barriers are most commonly seen around race tracks preventing vehicles travelling at high speeds from coming into contact with spectators and infrastructure. They serve a key purpose and also reduce the severity of the impact that drivers feel, reducing the risk of serious injuries. Outside of tracks they can also be seen along roadsides and in several other areas where vehicles need to be kept separated from people and buildings.

The biggest benefit from choosing an Armco barrier system is the fact that it is so easy to install and replace damaged sections. The beams are designed to crumple on impact and absorb energy, preventing the vehicle from advancing and simultaneously redirecting it safely. Individual pieces of the barrier can be removed and replaced very quickly and with little effort. The initial installation is also quick and simple and doesn’t require extensive groundworks.

With Armco you can decide what type of post you want for the desired level of protection and the type of impact you are expecting. Z and H profile posts are the most common but you can also choose special spring buffer ones if you need extra impact absorption. You also need to ensure you select posts suitable to hold and support the weight of the beams.

Armco barriers are made from specially selected steels to ensure they are as durable as possible. The metals are treated to give them additional weather protection and ensure they won’t wear away quickly with exposure to the elements.

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