Armco crash barrier systems are designed to crumple on impact, so they absorb as much of the kinetic energy as possible and reduce the stress that is transferred to the driver. On top of this, they redirect vehicles safely rather than allowing them to leave the road. They have a very important part to play in road safety and are widely used in settings where high speeds are expected, most notably alongside race tracks and on motorways.

Crash barriers come with either rigid or spring posts so you can decide what level of absorption you want. The post choice also means you can customise the barrier system to suit the situation. Rigid systems are more widely used when there is limited space along the side of the road. Spring posts require additional room because they are designed to compress when struck. Considering how much space you have to play with is important when deciding which posts are the best choice.

With Armco you can choose single or twin beamed barriers to suit your needs. Twin barriers are better for roads where large vehicles are anticipated, because single beams may not be suitable to prevent them from exiting the road. With single beam barriers, larger vehicles also run the risk of flipping or rolling over.

When thinking about which type of crash barrier systems you need, it is important to consider the size and weight of the vehicles you have to prevent from leaving the road. You should also consider the speed they will be travelling and the likely angles of impact. Only opt for products that have been tested and certified for use; these are the only ones that will guarantee the level of protection you need.

We provide Armco and many other types of barrier systems. As one of the largest providers in the UK we offer quality products combined with great value for money. When ordering from us you get the kind of savings you would expect by going direct to the producer, and can also order in bulk to save even more. As well as the barriers and posts themselves, we also offer installation and maintenance services so you can rely on us to take care of all your needs.