Whether used on motorways or in industrial properties, Armco barriers are the ultimate in barrier safety. They are sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding heavy impacts and also providing a means of guiding a colliding vehicle along them, prevent excess damage to the actual fabric of a property. We are a specialist source for these barriers, as well as relevant accessories so that they can be modified for your exact needs. Our huge range of products, alongside our expertise in installation, makes us the one and only company that you need when you require Armco barriers.

Armco barriers are so widespread in their use that they are now the generic name for the barriers found around British racetracks. However, they also find widespread use in areas such as car parks, warehouses and quays where comprehensive protection is required for vehicles and buildings. Installed in the right location, they can help to protect the fabric of your building and prevent potentially expensive damage from occurring. The beams themselves are commonly corrugated and can be fixed in a number of layouts to provide thorough protection. Open box beams are also used as barriers, particularly where their durability will come in handy, such as in high traffic areas.

Our barriers can also be supplied curved. Barriers with a radius exceeding 50m don’t need any special order beams, but radii less than 29m will require special order beams to create such a tight radius. We will do all that we can to provide you with the relevant beam and ensure that you get exactly what you need. We also sell all of the necessary posts needed to securely fix these barriers into the ground.

We sell a huge range of barrier ends, including fishtail ends, bullnose ends and, for areas of high traffic, reflective rubber end caps to allow them to be detected more easily at night. We also sell corner pieces that allow for internal and external changes of direction and offer increased safety and practicality over curved barriers. We can even equip barriers with handrails and the addition of mesh infills if your barrier is placed close to a zone used heavily by pedestrians.

Whatever you need, whether it’s the Armco barriers themselves or caps for them, we can provide them for you. We can even fully install your chosen barriers on site. We are ISO 9001 approved since our first year of operation and have over a decade of experience, so you can be sure all your barrier needs are completely catered to by our team.