Barrier systems are most common on roads and motorways. However, different kinds find use in spaces such as factories and service yards. Their purpose here is to protect structures as well as people. We offer a range of products perfect for these uses. The barriers are capable of defending against moving vehicles and other dangers.

Restrict access

Safety barriers can effectively stop entry into areas that are dangerous in some respect. This can include everything from places where vehicles are moving around to spaces around machinery.

Primarily, employers use barriers to alleviate risks. Usually, they come in a solid form that you bolt to the ground for prime longevity and productivity. You can find them in many workplaces including factories, warehouses and more.

Employers use these barriers to keep their workers safe. There is a saying out there that refers to safe workers as productive ones. If they remain productive, so will the company. This is an important idea and a good reason why you should get a barrier system if necessary.

Research your options

It is essential that you research the barrier options available to you before you invest. This way, you can make sure you’re choosing the most appropriate one to protect your workforce. You should not attempt to manipulate a barrier model that has its own purpose and try to use it for another. This can result in poor performance or even create more risks. Since we are a specialist business that provides these systems, you can talk to us and avoid this issue entirely.

At Cenpart, we create our barrier systems to match the diverse requirements that clients have. The designs we work with include open box beams and Armco barriers. They serve different purposes but each one is as effective as the other is.

If you want to ask our team about designs or decide to make a purchase, please contact us. We can even install the barriers for you, offering a first class service.