Barriers prevent vehicles from colliding with buildings, pedestrians and other obstructions along the side of roads. They improve separation and provide a strong barrier that is difficult to break through under normal conditions. When safety is a priority, they should be installed to create safer environments for road users and people that may be making their way around on foot.

We design and manufacture a wide range of crash barriers to ensure we can comply with the various needs of our clients. We offer Armco and open box systems in both single and double beam varieties. Each of these can be customised to your needs including the length, height and layout. We also manufacture corner guards and column protectors to cater for other hazards. Whatever your needs, we will vow to meet them, delivering the best products we can in the process.

Corners and obstacles like pillars need to be protected to avoid damaging the fabric of the building. In industrial settings, this is even more important because there is a higher likelihood that heavy vehicles will be making their way around, increasing the potential for extensive structural damage. Protecting these vulnerable parts of the property would usually be difficult, but with our help you can get the perfect products to accomplish it.

All kinds of corners could conceivably be at risk of wear, whether they are inside or outside of the property. Important corners in loading docks, entrances and busy areas should be the first you look at. Our corner guards can be custom built to your specifications so you are guaranteed the perfect level of protection for each setting. The column guards are similarly flexible and effective at protecting important parts of the structure.

When you are working with us you can always be sure of receiving high quality products that will provide a high standard of protection. Clients can come to us with almost any need and be confident we can deliver exactly what they are looking for. With our crash barriers and corner protection in place, your property will be fully and comprehensively defended.