The most common causes of motorway crashes are driving under the influence of alcohol, failure to pay attention, speeding, talking on mobile phones and veering in and out of traffic. Every driver that regularly accesses the motorway will be used to the familiar sight of trucks, lorries and other heavy load vehicles. As these vehicles are typically used for the transportation of goods, we assume every driver to be a professional with the experience and ability to safely navigate the motorway.

Statistics show that lorry and truck drivers around the globe are involved in a significant proportion of road accidents. There are several contributing factors to truck based collisions such as jackknifing, wide turns, overloads, defective equipment and driver fatigue resulting from long periods of time spent behind the wheel.

Naturally, accidents that involve large and heavy vehicles can result in severe damage and injury. The placement of crash barrier systems at roadsides can help to reduce the risk of major pile ups and minimise the potential for severe injury and loss of life.

A barrier’s purpose is to absorb the impact of a vehicle and prevent it from spinning and entering the other lanes. One of the major benefits of roadside barriers is they are immensely durable. They can be maintained with minimal attention and offer more than 20 years of roadside protection. They have the strength to successfully withstand the impact of vehicles moving at high speeds as well as prevent cars and trucks from connecting with roadside objects such as signs, posts, bollards and trees.

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