With our wide selection of products, we are well equipped to provide bespoke barrier systems for all kinds of motorway and non-motorway applications. All of our products have been expertly designed and made from high quality materials. We will support each client throughout the project, assisting with designs, helping them to decide which products to use and then delivering and installing everything for them.

One application we are commonly involved with is vehicular safety in areas where pedestrians and vehicles are moving in close proximity to each other. Protective barriers may be needed in these cases to help prevent accidental collisions. To meet the requirement we offer both Armco and open box barriers for use in car parks, minor roads, warehouses and even docksides. We can provide complete barrier systems including posts, beams and end pieces.

Alongside these we can provide handrails and balustrades to suit all kinds of needs. We can offer three different varieties of handrail including the Key Clamp system, the Ball Standard and bespoke fabricated rails. We cater for all kinds of requirement and will ensure that each system meets the specifications we are given accurately.

As well as Armco barriers and railings, we can also offer a series of protective products for bollards, columns and corners. Each of these is made from a durable material and is designed to offer heightened protection. They are easily fitted to existing structures so upgrading is very easy and they can even be used to cover existing damages if required.

You can find out more about many of our fantastic products on our website. Please note that the site does not contain information about every single range we have to offer. If you have a special requirement it is highly likely we can satisfy it. We would urge you to contact us to discuss your needs and see exactly what we can offer.