Crash barriers can be employed in many different settings to prevent vehicles from colliding with obstacles in the surrounding area. These obstacles can take many different forms including trees, buildings, infrastructure and pedestrians. Each barrier can vary in size, shape and design to suit the setting and give the level of protection that is needed.

Using barriers to protect buildings is popular in non-motorway settings where vehicles drive in close proximity to a structure including warehouses, loading docks, multi-storey car parks and along roads in built up areas. They can be employed to prevent any vehicle from colliding with walls, columns and corners, thereby protecting the driver and inhabitants as well as the fabric of the structure.

In settings with limited space, it is essential that the barriers are compact but still strong and durable. This is the best way to ensure you lose the minimal amount of space while also delivering the level of required protection. Durability is also crucial so vehicles will find it very difficult to smash through a barrier. The barrier systems should be able to cope with the speed of vehicles and the direction they will be moving.

At Cenpart we offer versatile barrier solutions to suit a wide array of different settings. We offer the renowned Armco barrier systems, open box designs, corner guards, column protection and bollards, to name just a few of our products. We can create a bespoke solution for any need, catering for the unique layout of the site and ensuring the highest standards are met.

When you choose products from us, you can have complete confidence in their quality. We check each and every product to make sure it meets the relevant British Standards and our own. This attention to detail shows our commitment to safety and ensures we are delivering the best all round solution for our clients. Our experience speaks for itself and the demand for our services shows that we are the finest choice for practical barrier systems throughout the UK.