Having the right safety measures in place on roads is very important for the safety of drivers and the general public. One of the biggest worries is vehicles leaving the road and colliding with obstacles along the roadside. This is amongst the leading causes of injuries and fatalities, particularly along country roads where there is a higher number of things to hit. Motorways are statistically the safest roads because many systems are in place to prevent vehicles from leaving the road.

Motorway barriers play a very important role in preventing cars from venturing from roads. They are designed to absorb the energy of an impact and redirect the vehicle safely along their length. This contains the vehicle and means it won’t leave the road, removing the potential for an impact with a stationary object or a pedestrian.

Barriers are tested extensively at different speeds, impact angles and with vehicles of different weights, ensuring supreme barrier safety. Only products that prove to be durable and capable of preventing vehicles from leaving the road are certified and fit for installation. There are a few different types to choose from including Armco, steel wire and concrete barriers, each offering their own unique benefits.

Barriers are particularly essential in hazardous settings where leaving the road could see a vehicle facing a large drop, most notably on bridges and high embankments. In these settings each barrier needs to absorb as much of the energy from the impact as possible and be able to safely redirect vehicles.

Away from roads barriers have an equally important role to play in keeping pedestrians and buildings separated from vehicles. Wherever they are installed they serve the same purpose of containing vehicles and preventing injuries and damages.

If you’re looking to improve safety on your site, access roads and car parks we can help you. We specialise in barrier safety and can provide a wide range of bespoke barriers for all sorts of non-motorway application, whether it is warehouses, dock sides, loading areas or restricted roads. We are confident we can meet any requirements and deliver products that will perform to the highest standards.