We pride ourselves on keeping a large number of Armco crash barriers in stock. These tough, durable and sturdy barriers are used mostly in traffic applications, placed in and around motorways, used on certain roads and even finding use on racetracks across the world. As with all barriers, however, there is often a question regarding curves. Many roads, including motorways, don’t stay straight for too long and curves in the roads, as well as side roads and entrances and exits onto and off roads and motorways, mean that specialist barriers need to be erected. These barriers need to be constructed in accordance to the curve of the road to ensure maximum protection for it and its users.

The type of barrier supplied is dependant on the radius of the road. For roads with a radius of over 50m, we can supply 3.2m effective length beams, which are standard beams and which can fit the radius with minimal manipulation. However, the closer to 50m radii that the curve is, then the more manipulation is required to close the gap between the beam and the post. Radii between 30 and 50 metres can utilise 1.6m effective half length beams for swifter supply and installation, though special order curved beams may be required. For curves with a radii lower than 29m, special order curved beams, rolled to the exact radius, will need to be constructed. For radii under 6m, edge rippling will be evident for such a tight radius though a fabricated mitred radius may allow for quicker delivery and a cheaper solution not subject to the usual delivery and price constraints of special order curved beams.

In some situations, special order curved beams may be required. This is because we don’t usually have these beams in stock and they need to be fabricated especially for the customer. They are hand-crafted by our team, but because they need to be made especially for a customer, it means that delivery time is usually ten days, or sometimes longer dependant on the size of the order and the radii of the beams. Beams under 6m will also, as explained above, suffer from edge rippling due to the tight radius required. It is important to note that constant measurements are required from our customers and that several beams will be needed due to differing radii across the length of the curve.

However, no matter what your needs are, you can be assured that our team will gladly create your specialist curved Armco crash barriers, fitting your chosen radii and length. We will do as much as we can in order to ensure that your needs are fulfilled and so that you receive the right barrier for the curve.