There are many settings where there are hazards, from by the road side to within a commercial facility. Barrier safety can help minimise the risk of injury and damage in these locations. At Cenpart we create barriers, ensuring they are the highest quality, and install them with care.

Potential Hazards

The people in charge of car parks must ensure that they are safe spaces. This is a location with many hazards because of the combination of pedestrians and moving vehicles. Traffic accidents can be very serious and life threatening. As a result safety is vital for drivers and those walking through.

The Importance Of Barriers

The danger that comes from proximity to traffic is something you can reduce with barrier systems. This separates people so that the chances of injury and collision are smaller.

A physical barrier helps to direct people and avoid confusion. They prevent drivers from entering an area designated for walking. They are also highly visible so that the driver does not get too close to people.

There are many barriers that are designed to give to a degree so that it softens the blow of the impact. This is important even in a car park where cars typically move at slower speeds.

Car park barriers can also offer protection for your structure so that you don’t have to worry about serious building damage. They can even protect machines and other things you want keeping safe from a collision. This will stop a vehicle that is out of control from being able to cause damage.

Hoop barriers are often used to help with safety and to prevent crime so that people cannot simply drive away easily with a stolen car. Our systems include these, crash barriers, handrails, parking posts, and more. You can set up a system that matches your precise needs.

Cenpart are the experts for non-highway applications of barriers. This means that we can offer a system for commercial and industrial settings that is safe as well as effective. If you recognise the importance of barrier safety, give our team a call today or use the contact form on our site.