Armco barriers can be fitted to special sprung posts to give the system more flexibility and reduce the risk of the post breaking when struck. Static posts can be more easily snapped or bent out of shape when they are hit, but sprung ones have a special curved design that means they can flex and then spring back into place. This also ensures they are more effective at absorbing impacts and minimising deflection.

Sprung barrier posts are surface mounted so they are commonly used inside logistics warehouses, factories and other industrial facilities. The fact that they don’t need foundations means they are very easy to fit and don’t require any major alterations to the property. They are compatible with Armco and open box style barriers so property owners are free to decide what style they want.

One thing to consider about the sprung system is that it requires a little more space for installation. You will need to account for the flex of the posts and ensure you leave a bit more room between the barrier and walls or other obstacles. If they are protecting a pedestrian walkway, ensure there is separation between the barrier and where people will be walking to minimise the risk of accidents.

If you are considering installing barriers inside a property, these could be the perfect posts for you. They can be arranged in any number of ways, facilitating a wide range of different layouts. This flexibility is fantastic because all sites are different and have specific demands.

At Cenpart we provide three types of sprung posts for Armco barriers. The CEN-L is the basic model and has the lowest flexibility. The CEN-X is popular because it has a small footprint so it minimises installation space. The CEN-G is the most widely known type of flexible post, with a curved design that provides extra strength.

The fact that we manufacture the posts and barriers ourselves means that our clients can rely on us to deliver the best quality. We have been producing these barriers and accessories for many years and have grown into the market leader in the UK. We can cater for all kinds of requirements and will offer our expert guidance to clients looking to design the best barrier systems for their needs.