Using vehicles in warehouses is essential for productivity, but they can potentially cause issues. Large or fast moving vehicles can cause accidents, and for this reason building owners should take precautions to protect their workforce and property. There are many ways to do this, including installing crash barriers and column protection. In warehouses you’ll often see columns as additional support for the structure, but they can cause a risk to health and safety. Vehicles could potentially crash into them, which will not only cause harm to the vehicle and possibly the driver, but also cause structural damage as well. This type of damage can be extremely costly to repair, emphasising the importance of protecting exposed structural elements.

As well as being very useful in warehouses where forklifts and other vehicles are used, column protection can be used in car parks and many other settings. They’re very versatile and can help increase safety on almost any premises. We provide a number of solutions to solve the risks of damage as a result of striking columns, and have been operating since 2000. Our aim has always been to make sure our clients can successfully protect their assets and employees. We believe by delivering high quality crash barriers paired with a friendly, fast and efficient service we are able to fulfil all requests, whether large or small.

Column protection is just the start of safeguarding your property as there are many options you can choose from to boost safety and security. For instance, corner protection can be used to further protect the integrity of your structures by providing additional security against vehicles reversing. Traffic and access control systems are designed to prevent unauthorised access to specific areas. These are just a few of the many products we offer. If you’d like to discuss your safety needs with our specialist team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.