When you own a property that is subject to heavy traffic, such as a car park or warehouse, you need to take as many steps as possible towards protecting it. Accidents can be expensive, and damage to the fabric of your building can even put lives at risk. As the property owner, you need to take as many steps as possible towards preserving the safety of your workforce and the public. There are a number of products that can help to significantly increase the safety of your property by helping to safely guide traffic. We stock many different barrier systems including wheel guides that will help to guide all visiting traffic and prevent accidents.

Commonly found in and around loading bays, wheel guides are used for the sole purpose of guiding the wheels of vehicles. Too low to cause much in terms of damage, but high enough to prevent the vehicle from accidentally driving over them, they ensure that a vehicle can be guided safely into the loading bay without entering at an angle that may cause it to come into contact with the actual fabric of the building. They are generally created to allow wheels to rub against them without damaging the paint or the vehicle, and are coated in a high visibility paint so that they can be seen easily.

Whether used in loading bays or even parking spaces, wheel guides prevent vehicles from entering incorrectly and potentially causing damage or being a nuisance. Our wheel guides are constructed from metal and galvanised for additional durability. We also give them a powder coated, high visibility finish to ensure that they can be seen in any light. We can craft them to any size that the client requires, thus allowing for any property to benefit from these wheel guides.

When you turn to us for wheel guides or any other kind of barrier systems, you can be assured of a complete service by our team of professionals. We don’t just supply you with these products, but can also fully install them on-site for you as well. We offer potted or bolt down installation, both of which will leave your wheel guides incredibly sturdy and prevent any vehicle from simply knocking them over. ISO 9001 approved, approved to British Standards 6180:2011 and BS 6399 part 1 and galvanised in accordance with British Standards EN 1461, our wheel guides make the perfect products for when you need to boost security at your property for a low cost.