The number of businesses opting for access control systems continues to rise. Security is an important issue, and high quality security systems are the ideal way of protecting premises, stock and staff. Access control systems have developed to such an extent that you are now able to control access to your site at a much earlier point than was once possible. Our systems offer you comprehensive advantages as they can fully optimise your security and refuse or permit access to your grounds. There was a time when anyone could drive into a car park, but access control has eliminated this and with our barriers you have full control over which vehicles can enter your site.

Unrestricted entry is inviting to criminals. By installing barriers you can hinder thieves and vandals, preventing expensive thefts and damage. Our swing arm barriers prove very popular in car parks and commercial and industrial premises as they can easily be locked. They also facilitate efficient management of your parking and traffic. We have worked with a wide range of industries over the years and regularly meet a varied selection of needs, offering individual solutions to each environment. Our barriers are available in various designs and  single or double arm and we ensure they meet every functional and aesthetic need.

Unauthorised access of high vehicles to areas such as staff car parks and underground low level parking areas can be controlled and prevented by our height restrictors. They serve as an effective guide for all drivers by letting them know whether there is sufficient space to safely pass underneath a beam. They can be issued as soft impact or solid fixed restrictors with a swing opening and as they are made from solid galvanised steel, they deliver unrivalled durability and strength.

As specialists in the steel security sector we are able to offer our customer base every solution. We provide a vast product range including motorway barriers, ladder systems, handrails and more. If you want to restrict access to certain areas of your business, get in touch and find out what we can do for you.