We are the leading providers of barrier safety products, crash barriers and more. We offer a whole range of products that deliver protection and effective security measures for many commercial and industrial sites. There are numerous environments such as quaysides, warehouses and loading bays that have heavy moving vehicles on site. Wheel guides are an essential product for any loading bay and similar environment, as it is important to make sure that trailers and vehicles are precisely positioned when approaching your loading bay doors.

It is the role of a wheel guide to minimise the potential for accidents when a trailer or vehicle backs up to your loading bay doors. Any damage to building structure, dock bumpers and shelters can result in costly repairs and a reduction in productivity. We know that your plant needs to remain operational and you want to minimise downtime due to accidents, as well as minimising the risk to your employees and the public. Our products offer the ideal barrier safety solution for people, machinery and walls alike. Our wheel guides are galvanised with a powder coated finish and can be constructed to any size. They offer flexibility, can be potted or bolted down and guarantee accurate guidance of trailers onto loading docks.

We also provide the highest quality security products that help you prevent any unwanted access to your premises. Our locking swing arm barriers handle your road access, parking and traffic management issues.

We offer height restrictors that ensure the prevention of certain vehicles entering your open site or unauthorised areas such as car parks. They are available as soft impact or solid fixed restrictors with a swing opening, and they are constructed from galvanised steel. Our bollard range offers an array of sizes and profiles. Our security bollards are perfect for prohibiting access to an entrance or building, and the anti ram raid bollard eliminates the possibility of smash and grab robberies. Should you require collapsible or removable parking posts, our bollards are designed to suit every requirement.

Furthermore, we are equipped with the fabrication facilities to manufacture products in mild or stainless steel and satisfy every design request. We are the leading manufacturer of all barrier safety systems and security products and can be relied upon to equip every environment with security and protection.