An efficient access control system has become an essential element for all businesses these days. Security is paramount, and it is prudent to implement the highest quality systems to protect your premises, contents and employees. Access control may conjure up an image of door security systems, but you can in fact control entry to your site at a much earlier point. A well implemented system can work hard for you by controlling entry and exit to your car park. Installations such as height restrictors and systems of Armco barriers can go a long way to providing a further layer of security to your business premises. They can help prevent the unlawful access of thieves and vandals as well as tackle your car parking problems.

Swing arm barriers are often seen in car parks and entrances to commercial and industrial premises. Our products are manufactured to the highest standard and offer the perfect solution to the problem of unrestricted entry. Our swing arm barriers are lockable security products that enable easy handling of your road access along with full management of your traffic and parking issues. Our products are constructed to meet the diversity of industry and the individual needs of our clients. We offer them in a range of designs to match aesthetic appearance and make them available in single or double arm.

Our height restrictors are the ideal solution when it comes to preventing the access of high vehicles to unauthorised areas such as staff car parks or underground low level parking areas. Height restrictors also offer clear indication to drivers allowing them to determine whether they have sufficient clearance to proceed underneath the beam. Our products are available as soft impact or solid fixed restrictors with a swing opening. They are made from galvanised steel and offer strength and durability. Our selection of security bollards is available in a host of profiles and sizes. They offer a deterrent for smash and grab robberies and they successfully prohibit access to building entrances.

Our products are the preferred choice for many industries and we have been supplying high quality security and steel solutions for many years. Our extensive product range includes Armco barriers, guards, handrails, ladder systems, wheel guides and more. We deliver cost-efficient and long term solutions to the security and protection issues prevalent in commercial and industrial sites.