We manufacture and supply of a wide range of safety products and motorway barriers for our customers. Stocking only the highest quality products, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the safety solution that they require to significantly boost the safety of their property. Among our selection, we have durable corner guards which are designed to increase safety for both pedestrians and vehicles. As the name suggests, they are used to guard corners and prevent them from being damaged by passing vehicles, helping to reduce the risk of injury and property damage.

Corners require special attention. Though we may look at other areas when it comes to safety, corners are spots which are most liable to cause damage to your vehicle, and are most likely to be caught by pedestrians as well. Protruding corners, whether internal or external, pose a potential safety risk as there is a high chance of a vehicle catching a corner as it turns around it. Damage is often cosmetic, scraping the paint of the vehicle, though it can sometimes dent or scratch the vehicle in question. Pedestrians may catch an exposed corner and experience injury, though more often than not, foot traffic will cause wear to the actual corner itself. This is particularly true where workers are shuttling items and trolleys which may occasionally strike the corner and wear it down.

As such, it pays to take care of any and all exposed corners to prevent them wearing down or causing damage. We offer heavy duty corner guards as well as wall corner guards, which are less intrusive but still offer an excellent degree of protection for the corners of walls, particularly in areas of heavy foot traffic. Both products offer a great degree of protection for exposed walls and prevent them from either extensively damaging vehicles or being worn away, leading to structural damage.

All our products are manufactured with your safety in mind. As we have been trading since 2000 and offering our customers only the best safety products available, you can be completely assured that we have your safety in mind when it comes to our motorway barriers and other safety products. Everything we offer is ISO 9001 approved and conforms to required British Standards, ensuring that they will preserve the safety of you and your workforce for as long as possible. We can also provide all of our customers with a complete service from supply to installation, giving you a bespoke solution to your safety requirements.