There are thousands of accidents involving traffic in the workplace on an annual basis. The main cause of injury is people being struck or crushed by heavy moving vehicles that are often used in an industrial environment. Every site is different, and is likely to present varying risks and hazards. Workplace safety can be implemented with a well designed and maintained site that features suitable segregation of vehicles from employees and vulnerable on site structures.

Your particular circumstances may make segregation challenging. Some areas of a workplace such as structural columns, pipework, cables and storage racking are always at risk from impact should a vehicle strike them. Along with people and areas, these worksite components need to be protected from errant vehicles.

The wall corners of your site are also vulnerable to damage. Any impact can result in severe damage and compromise the integrity of your structure. Corners are inherently vulnerable regardless of location, and with regard to industrial and commercial environments and the number of accidents occurring every year, it is not unreasonable to assume that they could likely suffer some kind of damage.

The form of damage naturally depends on the nature of the workplace. There are many locations such as loading bays and warehouses that have a stream of heavy vehicles moving all day long. Every employer knows the importance of protecting staff and visitors, along with protecting stock, structures and equipment. Accidents can result in severe injury, unwanted expense and irreparable damage to your professional reputation.

Even a workplace without forklift vehicles needs to sufficiently protect its internal corners. General wear and tear along with repeated bumps and bashes from trolleys all does its damage in the long term. Our corner protection barrier systems offer the perfect solution to every environment. A professional risk assessment will reveal the precise areas that are at risk along with the level of danger presented and we can provide the products that perfectly suit your needs.

From crash barriers to access control systems we are the name to trust for all security and protection issues. We can supply custom made barrier systems to satisfy each specification, and we assure our customers that we only use the highest quality materials. We are a trusted name throughout the sector and we offer an unrivalled design and installation service.