Cenpart specialises in crash barriers that can cater for various needs. We design systems for customers with your exact requirements and specifications in mind. Our products can protect against collision damage and prevent falls. They also keep people from entering hazardous or restricted areas. Our products have a long life span and require very little maintenance.

A Crucial Product

When you think about a crash barrier, you probably picture one on a road or motorway. The truth however is that they are perfect for different uses. This could be protection for forklifts in factories and warehouses. In addition, you can find them on racing tracks, construction sites, loading bays, or one of many other possibilities.

This form of protection isn’t much to look at but uses very sturdy steel. The design means that it can withstand the impact of a wayward vehicle. This will offer protection against damage that can harm your building and important equipment. They also help keep livestock and pedestrians safe.

Highly Beneficial

Barrier systems can save you a lot of money in terms of the expenses that come from an accident. Not only this, but it is a form of protection that could even save a life or prevent a life threatening injury. You receive peace of mind when you have them in place and know that they can prevent a serious accident. Our products only require basic maintenance and are very versatile.

Reach Out To Our Team

Cenpart can assist with products like posts, fences, and barriers that have galvanised and colour finishes. We even offer installation for a comprehensive service. If you ever have an issue and a barrier is damaged, we can replace sections rather than the entire thing.

You should contact us if you have any questions regarding our crash barriers. Our team has extensive knowledge on the products we offer. We will work with you so that the solution you receive perfectly meets your requirements.