Pallet racking tends to hold stock that can be rather valuable. As a result, it is only logical to protect it from potential damage, whether this comes from a forklift or another type of handling equipment. Crash barriers offer an effective and simple way to do this.

Racking collapse is incredibly dangerous

The collapse of racking is a real risk when it suffers from damage. The aftermath can be a huge and costly mess. But, more importantly, it could seriously harm someone, even possibly resulting in loss of life.

Racks consist of various components and each of these has their own job to do. While each component on its own is relatively weak, bringing them together to assemble a rack creates a structure that is astonishingly strong. A single rack can be able to hold goods weighing up to thousands of kilograms.

The issue is that if any component suffers damage from the impact of a forklift, or other vehicle or equipment, the strength of the structure will be compromised. In some cases the damage will compromise the rack and a collapse will happen. This will lead to all the goods on the racks falling everywhere. This could damage other goods and equipment or, as said previously, result in injuries.

Racks always face outside forces along with deflection at the base. This might appear harmless with each individual incident, but over time this adds up and can become critical. It could be that a rack looks as though it is stable but, with one jolt, it could be ready to come down completely.

Choose crash barriers to offer protection

You can use barriers to protect racking in a warehouse. The systems work by making it so that a vehicle cannot strike the racks directly. Instead they will hit the barrier and move along it. This is safer than risking the rack and its contents.

Cenpart can supply solutions for all kinds of needs so you can get protection for each area. It could be crash barriers for large warehouses with long racks or corner protection. To make your site safer and to invest in economical protection for your assets, give our team a call.