Crash barriers are seen across the country on almost every road, particularly on dual carriageways and motorways. Their purpose is to reduce the risk of crashes and collisions, and in the event of an incident happening, they help to reduce their intensity by deflecting the impact. Most commonly made from concrete or metal, crash barriers need to be strong, securely installed, and versatile enough to be placed in the right configuration for each road.

If a car happens to veer towards the side of the road, possibly because of icy conditions or trying to avoid a collision, it will hit the barrier. On impact, the car should either slow down and come to a stop or redirect back onto the road, rather than veering off down an embankment or other dangerous area. This is due to the design of the barriers which allows them to absorb the impact so there is less damage to the vehicle.

We are the leading supplier of motorway barriers, crash barriers and a variety of other steel protection products. We have been in operation just under 15 years and are known across the UK for providing high quality products and expert installation. As we’re ISO 9001 approved and ensure that all products are manufactured to their relevant British Standards, we can always guarantee that our clients will receive the best products within the industry.

If you would like more information regarding our crash barriers and various other products, please call us to discuss your requirements in further detail. Our wide selection of crash barriers can be configured in endless different ways and come with various additions such as railings, ensuring that they are suitable for any setting and situation.