We pride ourselves on being the national supplier of choice for all forms of barrier safety systems. We work to provide protective solutions which are not only as effective as possible, but also ones that are unobtrusive and blend in perfectly with the location where they are to be used. Whether you need to add the certainty of security to a road, a pathway or a building, the systems we supply will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the best protection possible in place.

The most in-demand product that we supply is the highly sought after Armco crash barrier system. These corrugated steel barriers are a common sight on roads and highways around the world. The design of this barrier system is one that focuses on giving complete protection in the unfortunate event of a collision. Not only do Armco barriers prevent standard road vehicles crashing through and past them, they also bring cars to a halt and inhibit them from being “bounced” back into traffic. They provide a comprehensive level of control which makes them the most highly respected name in barrier safety.

We provide Armco barriers for use both on roads and to surround buildings located in busy areas. Many property owners, in particular those located in high traffic volume areas or near busy intersections, find that this particular crash barrier system is best suited to their requirements. Their biggest advantage is that they are effective even at a low level height, which means that their presence does not distract from the appearance of the building they protect. As the force from even a low speed collision can cause expensive structural damage, fitting Armco barrier systems is considered to be a long term safety investment by property owners.

We provide a one stop service when it comes to barrier safety. To ensure that you get the greatest level of protection possible from your barriers, it is essential that you have guaranteed quality assurance. This is something that we can deliver, as we have full control over all elements of your barrier system. This control also gives us the flexibility to meet your needs and requirements directly. We are able to evaluate and understand the locations which would be most suitable for the placement of barrier systems, which enables us to design and supply a bespoke system specifically tailored to your situation.

With many years of unrivalled service delivery behind us, we are the leading choice for providing secure and effective barrier safety systems. Our specialist services can deliver the ideal crash barrier system to any location in the UK.