We sell a huge range of Armco barriers which are used for protection in many different circumstances, including innovative hoop barriers. These barriers have a multitude of uses: their primary use is to delineate different areas, usually between areas used for traffic and areas used by pedestrians. They also provide some degree of protection, especially in areas where the traffic is going at a low speed. Available in a range of heights, they can help to prevent slow-moving traffic from entering a pedestrian area, reducing the risk of accidents. Hoop barriers may also be installed in a limited capacity for use as cycle stands, providing a place for bicycles to be secured outside a building.

These sturdy and reliable barriers are available as either bolt down or cast in, both of which make for a sturdy and highly durable barrier. Cast in barriers have their posts cast into concrete, while bolt down barriers utilise high strength bolts and fixings for a strong installation. They are constructed from stainless steel and are available in galvanised form, meaning that they are resistant to corrosion and adverse weather conditions. They can also be RAL painted in the client’s choice of colour, or given a high visibility coating to ensure that they can be easily seen by drivers even at night. They can be provided in a number of designs, from the simple tubular design to designs with ornate infill panels.

Our hoop barriers are available in any size and are made to measure for your property. When you order Armco barriers from us, you receive fully customised products that are tailored to you specifically. Whatever your needs are for these barriers, they will be professionally installed for excellent results. Regardless of what type of property you own, we are confident that you will find our barriers extremely useful and you can always be assured that they are made to the highest possible quality.