Columns are vital elements of any structure, and are often used extensively in large, multi-storey buildings such as car parks and warehouses. Their purpose is to bear the weight of both floors and ensure minimal risk of failure within the structure. Columns have been used since ancient times, but still remain an important architectural element in many buildings. Due to this, columns need to be comprehensively protected against even the slightest possibility of damage. We can supply a wide range of column protection, Armco barriers and more to help guard these vital building features.

The failure of a column can put the property at risk, which is why it’s so important to have proper protective measures in place. Though most modern columns are made using heavyweight materials such as rebar and concrete, there is still the need to invest in protection in order to ensure that the columns aren’t damaged or adversely effected by wear and tear.

We have a range of products available to help with the protection of columns. We can provide Armco barriers to protect against vehicles, whether they are slow-moving forklifts or reversing cars. Made out of sturdy materials and thoroughly secured to the column in question, our protection will provide a hardy guard against any collisions. Available in an array of materials and styles, they can protect any column regardless of its shape or size.

We want to bring our clients the most comprehensive safety solutions, and we understand how vital these products are for the protection of your property, which is why we offer them for a competitive cost. With us, won’t have to break the bank just to add some extra safety to your property.