A vertical column is one of the most important parts of any building structure. It is also one of the most exposed. Columns take on many forms, but all share the same inherent vulnerability and can be damaged by hits from moving vehicles. Car parks are probably one of the most notorious environments for this. From bad and irresponsible drivers to vehicular failure or loss of control, the columns that provide structural support to car parks face damage from potential collisions at any given time. This is why it is so vital that the columns that support the structure are properly defended with crash barriers or other types of protective installations.

Aside from supportive columns and pillars, there are other products such as signs and lampposts that are also vulnerable to being struck on a daily basis. Singular structures such are these seem to attract collisions even when they stand alone in a large area. There are many busy areas such as loading bays and industrial sites that have heavy vehicles driving back and forth all the time. Forklift trucks and similar vehicles can present great danger to structural and stand alone columns as well as machinery, equipment, and most importantly your employees and visitors. Accidents can occur despite the best intentions, but the installation of sufficient column protection and crash barriers can help to prevent damage and harm befalling your staff.

Severe damage to columns that support your buildings naturally leads to bigger problems and expensive repairs. It is prudent to install protection in order to avoid loss of business and keep your structural elements and reputation intact. We offer our crash barriers and other protective products at affordable prices, and make safety and security accessible for all settings. Our products are subject to rigorous testing to ensure maximum performance. Our range of column protectors provides a fully protective bumper around structures and they are the ideal option for protection against errant vehicles.