It is vitally important to protect people from the threat of vehicles, but it is also important that your building is defended from damage. If your business involves vehicles, or if you are in an area with heavy traffic, you need to take steps to ensure your building is protected from the potential damage that vehicles can cause. As well as our well-known Armco crash barriers, we also provide a range of different solutions to help protect the structural integrity of your building.

With these kinds of protective measures in place, you can protect your building, the public and your employees from potential accidents and ensure that incidents in and around your business are minimised.

Columns and sign posts can be particularly vulnerable to being hit by moving vehicles, and in the event of an accident, they may require expensive and inconvenient repairs. In cases such as structural columns or posts holding up mezzanine flooring, the consequences of a collision can be even more serious, resulting in a compromised structural integrity for the building which could pose a great danger.

Our column protectors will defend your structural columns effectively. Our Armco column protectors and durable PolyWrap products are designed to strengthen and fortify all kinds of posts and columns, deflecting the impact of a collision and ensuring that the structure of your building is not compromised.

Corners are another area which can be vulnerable to knocks and collisions. They are at risk of being knocked by vehicles, such as forklift trucks in a warehouse, or by trolleys and carts being pushed by. Such repeated knocks over time can have a really detrimental effect. They may even be damaged by heavy foot traffic. Whatever the particular risk, our custom corner guards will ensure superior protection that will keep your corners whole and in good condition. As all our crash barriers, column protection and other products are specifically tailored to meet your specifications, rest assured that your property will receive the right solutions.