We set our company up with the intention of it becoming a specialist source of crash barriers. The difference with a distributor like us is that we supply goods that can do the job properly in various settings. If you purchase these items from a standard provider, there is a decent chance they won’t live up to expectations. However, this is not the case with us.

When people picture Armco barriers, they typically see sturdy, robust, immovable objects. These are the ones able to endure various kinds of extreme impacts. Since this is precisely what these barriers are, they are on the right track. Because of this, the thought of a curved barrier may be preposterous to them.

You might not believe it, but these barriers do require you to curve them sometimes. After all, private property and utility roads are not always straight. Not to mention, every barrier has to meet the mandatory requirements for your project. Roadside crash barriers have to fit the road’s curve perfectly. Here, you need to use the right radius in order to supply road users with maximum safety.

Concave and convex

Since we are talking about curved barriers, you probably believe Armco can be both convex and concave. This depends on the way you position them. Concaves are curves that face inward. Convex on the other hand curves outwards. When it comes to measuring specifications, convex beams are where you want the arc to bend towards traffic. A concave beam does the opposite.

The nature of your own design shall depend on the side of the road you need the barrier to be on. Fortunately, it is easy for us to fashion our barriers to meet numerous requirements as well as varying radii.

Ordering reliable crash barriers

At Cenpart, we do have the means to provide you with curved barriers. These creations have a somewhat complex nature. Due to this, we advise all our customers to order them at the earliest given opportunity. As a result we can speak about the design and get it correct.

If you need more information about these products or any others we offer, feel free to contact us.